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How It All Started

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

While navigating our lives is not an easy job, it helps when you have a friend to support you that gives you encouragement when you need it.

While navigating our lives is not an easy job, it helps when you have a friend to support you that gives you encouragement when you need it. When you broke up, lost in career, identity crisis, health breakdown, or having a hard time with your passion making it your living. In this society of chasing success to have the right man, that perfect job, living your dream life, doing what you love all day, having that body and health that you always see in magazines and your yoga friends, it is easy to be lost to know exactly what you want when you have been conditioned so much from a young age to do what other people want like parents, teachers, people who were in your authoritative figures when you were a child.

To Know What You Want

To know what you want, I find is one of the hardest thing to do since I was such an obedient child and 2nd child syndrome (i am the 2nd in 4 siblings) was so embedded in my DNA,  I had to work hard to get my parents love (for those who doesn’t know what is a 2nd child syndrome is - we feel unloved). I became a people pleaser, the good daughter, putting a happy social mask, the harmoniser in conflicts, when all I wanted was Love. I became someone else to please everyone around me especially my ex-boyfriends and my parents, and now I am in a health crisis, work crisis, mental crisis, identity crisis, spiritual crisis, emotional crisis, whatever else you can think of - as I was looking for the happiness and love I so wanted to feel and long. I have tried so hard to do so much spiritually, doing this doing that, mentally doing this doing that, yoga for my health, and my emotions and motivations go up and down - I don’t even know if all of this are working or not. 

One Day at a Time

All I can do now,  is just to take things day by day, be patient and hope for the best. All I know and believe is that there is a Bigger Power that exist, so I have just given up and just let God take over. I don’t even know what I want exactly yet - but I know that to find that happiness I have to start first. Perhaps this blog is the start and a way of it. My first self-therapy. A friend of mine told me when you want something, you first start with an intention and a declaration of it. 

So I declare: It is my intention to find that joy within, spark of life and fire to live again. 

And I know I have to start that with Myself. 

I hope this blog can be that friend that you need to give you support and empowerment, instead of insults/discouragement or that spiritual friend that says- ‘you know that you attracted this and you created this to happen in your life right?’ I would say to her: ‘this is not the time to be spiritual girl. Shut up. Can I continue crying?’

This is my adventure.


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