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“Think you're escaping and
run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.”



The truth is, you can always start again. Just because your dreams were shattered once, doesn't mean that everything has ended. Enjoy every experience. Dance. Prance. Laugh. Love. Believe. Marvel. Most of all, trust the truth that when one PATH closes, another opens.


One fateful day I realised I needed a journal to go toward my dreams; uncluttered, easy entry with intuitive interface. I could not find one in the market, so I made MY PATH. It is about living your life; though you're going to mess up sometimes, strive still to dance like everybody is watching; dream like everything is in your favor. To support my mission of helping as many people as possible achieve the life of their dreams, I am here to provide Personalized Coaching. 


Write your life. Secure scheduled Coaching with me. 

Let's take the first step. Together. 




Because you don't need to know everything to start anything.


Start with what you know.

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