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3 Levels of Gratitude

Did you know that there are different levels of Gratitude, it is not just merely a simple Thank you? I also didn’t know about this until I talked to a friend of mine that was refered to as a Gratitude Ambassador in his community. So, what are they?

First of all, Gratitude is well known for its magic to bring about happiness and a different perspective on life. It brings you to see what you have instead of what you don’t have for example, a house, a job, a family, a partner, a pet, food, water or even access to internet! (isn’t wifi or internet amazing?! I can’t live without it yo~ When the wifi at home doesn’t work, I’m like aarrgghhh! anyway, back to gratitude) It in turns, brings you to a more positive outlook on life, and therefore you feel more fulfilled. It doesn’t mean that it stops you from improving your life and yourself, but it brings you to a more present and enough feeling. And from here, things actually started changing in your life. This level of gratitude or gratification of saying Thank you for what you have in your life instead of seeing what you don’t have in your life and keep wanting it - is level 1. Gratitude for the positive things in your life.

Now this is where the second level of gratitude comes in. Of course we all also have the things we don’t like or doesn’t appreciate for example, people you don’t get along with or place where you live, weather, when you lost your wallet, etc. If you really want to take Gratitude to the next level, you can try saying Thank you to the negative parts of you life. Now, it will be hard, but this will actually also give you a different perspective, where those things will start to look to be a good thing to exist in your life. Your mind will start to look for reasons why you want to say thank you to that circumstance. For example - I am grateful that I lost my wallet because perhaps the person that found it needs the money more than me, I am grateful that I lost my wallet because I get to learn to be more mindful about what I do with my money at all times, I am grateful because I get to learn the value of money, etc. Keep going and then your perspective starts to change to see that actually, having that circumstance don’t look as bad as before, and then! The magic of the universe started to happen. I actually did this when I really lost my wallet and when I really let it go that it is okay for me to lose it, the next day I was like maybe I just call that place (where I lost my wallet), and actually it was there! Someone returned it! All my money was also intact, I couldn’t believe it! So, When you are grateful for the negative things in your life, actually it really helps to change your perspective and to actually create magic to make things happen in your life the way you want it more!

If you think this second level was amazing, there is still another level of Gratitude. The third level, if you want to take Gratitude deeper, is to be grateful for things that has not happened yet in your life, TO MAKE IT HAPPEN FASTER, for example to heal your body health. This is about bringing your current state of being or feeling to be on that feeling when you are already in the future. For example, if you have a body injury and you want to be healed, you will say - I am grateful that my leg has healed and now I can walk again, do yoga again and go out with my friends. Do this again and again, until you feel that feeling of joy when you are doing yoga walking etc, and this brings your vibration of yourself to that future you want. This level of gratitude is like, being thankful for the future that has not happened yet, but it is a WHOLE NEW LEVEL, so it is not easy. It won’t happen like the next day, but it does start the change to happen at a faster rate than if you don’t. Because this is basically like the technique to manifest what you want to happen. For me, this is a big challenge, cause at first I was like - how do walking feels again because I had this injury for a while I forgot the feeling, but even just starting to say the thank you and grateful sentences - it does start the energy of change to come, then synchronicities will start happening from then on. And yes, it does work, at least for me when I had my leg injury, you can try this yourself. When I first started I had about 2 months of seeing no progress, to the next I started to find a good doctor, a life coach and things for me to enjoy doing which accelerated my recovery, I started to see progress in the next 3 months in my health, I love it!

Now this can be also be confused with denial, as in like you don’t want to see what is really happening and you want to go to the future as soon as possible, so the first step is really to accept what is your current circumstance is. In other words, really for me at least, I have to go from Level 1 gratitude to level 3, I couldn’t really jump to level 3 straight away. I had to 1st - Accept that this is my current circumstance in life. I did this, but this also means that I have the power to overcome it. 2nd - start the level 1-3 of Gratitude to accelerate my healing. The synchronicities of one thing after another started when I did level 3. Of couse, we can all do different technique to manifest things, but I realised this level 3 of Gratitude is also a door that we can go in to manifest things. Visualisation is another door, meditation is also another door, relaxation is also, so choose what suits you best, there is no 1 right way or right answer. The key is still about knowing yourself and see what works for you, which may not work for others and vice versa. Just like a diet regime, some people suits veganism, some people need to eat meat for their health, or a clothing brand - I like UniQlo, she likes Zara and it’s okay, there is no right or wrong, just what suits you most.

Here I am just sharing what works for me, and perhaps you can try it and see if it works for you too! Enjoy!


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